Dieter Randolph, Way Past OK uplifting audiobook

Dieter Randolph unlocks a box full of secrets in his new audiobook, Way Past OK. He speaks with clarity, ease and purpose about living a life of clarity, ease and purpose. Dieter’s voice is easy to listen to, and he shares from his own deep well of personal, magical experiences and thoughtful reflection. With a wry grin and a “you can do this” in his voice Dieter postulates that life is a game which can be played joyfully, intentionally and to win – without the bitter taste of “have to” or the limitations of external definitions. He shares his secret method for teaching his own children to love learning. You might be skeptical – and it’s probably good to be so – but keep listening. His certainty that you can live a life “way past OK” is infectious, and more than worth the cost of the book. Imagine having a personal cheerleading squad in your earbuds all the time – or an encouraging friend who really believes in you – that’s how Dieter’s first release makes me feel. And I think it’s the start of something very promising.